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Our end-to-end digital closing and loan servicing platform helps lenders close more loans in less time.
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On-time closings, error-free loan docs, and transparency. You and your customer are aligned on these three priorities as you navigate the loan origination and closing process together. However, unlike your customer, you’re responsible for managing partners, meeting internal and external deadlines, keeping your team informed, and hitting all compliance standards. It’s a lot.

At Stavvy, we understand the challenging demands lenders face and designed our platform to help you meet them. Stavvy moves you out of the world of bulky printers, insecure emails, and phone tag and into a digital experience where you can share documents and messages electronically with customers, title agents, loan officers, appraisers, and more in an instant. You stay in control of your workflow but benefit from all of the efficiencies of secure, paperless, real-time collaboration. It’s still a lot—just a whole lot better.

Stavvy is for...

Vice Presidents of Closing

Vice Presidents of Closing Operations

Vice Presidents of Capital Markets

Impress your customers

High-speed and smooth closings benefit everyone involved. Stavvy expedites the loan origination & closing process and creates the responsive, transparent experience customers expect and deserve.

Enhance your tried and true

Use Stavvy to improve, not replace, your existing workflows. The platform is customizable, mirrors your current process, and ensures compliance while minimizing delays, disconnects, and detours.

Unify and simplify

Stavvy eliminates the need for multiple—and incompatible—digital tools and systems. You’ll enjoy the benefits of eSigning, remote notarization, and secure video conferencing without the costs of developing and maintaining them in-house.

A platform your Chief Technology Officer will love

Using insecure email to transmit personal and sensitive data was never a good idea. With Stavvy, you can safely share documents and communications with customers, colleagues, and title & settlement partners. Plus, everything is securely stored in real-time right in the platform.

Lead by example

Stavvy provides a real competitive advantage. By delegating routine, manual tasks to digital, you’ll stand out as an innovative leader who is committed to speed and service.

6 features built for Loan Origination

6 features built for Loan Origination

1 Eligibility Engine to instantly identify if a loan is RON, RIN, or eRecording eligible
2MISMO® certified RON solution for easy remote notarization
3 eSign for conveniently inking important digital documents
4 Document management to securely create, transfer, and store loan files
5 eRecording to ensure the safe, compliant recording and filing of official documents with the registrar's office
6 Digital audit trail to track actions and ensure compliance

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Loan Origination

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Technology built for you by banking, security, and legal experts. Here to maximize your workflows, never criticize them.

"Lenders can have the greatest intentions and invest in digital, but simply selecting a technology product isn't enough to move the needle. We knew we needed an intuitive all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrated into our legacy systems and support not only our workflows but our people too. Stavvy became the very obvious choice."

Peter Brown

President & CEO, Dedham Savings Bank

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“Stavvy organizes a fragmented and disorganized part of our customers' experience. Their platform gives us insights and helps us do more.”

Laura Dorfman

Executive VP Lending, Dedham Savings Bank

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