About Stavvy

We build simple tech for complex businesses because we know there’s a better way.

We’re here
because of you

You want to get back to the human side of your business; reconnect with homeowners, colleagues, and customers. You’re committed to being the very best at your job. You aspire to deliver an exceptional experience—one that differentiates you from your competitors. And you appreciate simplicity. So do we.

How it all

Kosta Ligris and Josh Feinblum met while studying at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, MA. With different professional backgrounds, Kosta in real estate and Josh in cybersecurity, they bonded over one undeniable truth—closing on a mortgage is way too hard. The paper-driven process is slow and cluttered and keeps everyone involved away from the things they enjoy.

After a few sleepless months, Kosta and Josh built an all-in-one, secure platform that simplifies workflows. Ideally suited for loan origination and loan servicing, they quickly realized that their tech could help businesses of all shapes and sizes reimagine work. Inspired, they set down roots in Boston, built an agile team of innovative thinkers, and launched Stavvy.

Stavvy Values

Who You Are Is Who We Are

We are a collection of unique individuals who show up, engage, excel, and care for each other. We champion individual authenticity while embracing collaboration. We cultivate your best because it produces our best.

The Fearless

We are fearless. We trust and assume good intent. We are better because of our differences, successes, and failures. We are empowered to participate actively and speak openly. We are disciplined to listen respectfully and react without hesitation.

The Relentless

We are relentlessly curious. We learn with humility that challenges and stretches. Continuous, shared, and vibrant learning drives us forward with purpose.

The Limitless

We are courageous pioneers. There are no boundaries in our pursuit of bold, innovative change as we transform industries and impact the world.

The Compassionate

We are humanity. We celebrate impact in all we do. Every action is a legacy of our compassion for each other, our customers, and our communities.

Stavvy at work

Meet our leadership team

Kosta Ligris

Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

Josh Feinblum

Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder

Kara Banosian

Chief Marketing Officer

Eduardo Arreaga

Chief Financial Officer

Shane Hartzler

Chief Strategy Officer

Amy Huchthausen

Chief Culture Officer

Kyle Stephenson

Chief Customer Officer

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