Designed by veteran banking, security & title/settlement professionals, Stavvy is the first digital platform that brings a modern holistic approach to the mortgage banking industry. We allow banks and lenders to work across their vendor portfolio more efficiently, with simplicity at the core of it all.

Loan Processor

Human error, data entry, lack of analytics, fragmented products that don't talk to each other. It's a better process for me, and a better experience for our customers. That’s the Power of Stavvy.

Title Agent

I love how I can quickly access any information about a file at any time. The faster I can do my work, the sooner they can be in their home. That’s the Power of Stavvy

Why Stavvy


Integrated Process

Centralized Data

Centralized Data & Analytics


Prioritized Security


I run a small business and pride myself on the quality of my work and service that I deliver.  I can’t afford to build technology for my business but I recognize the transformation my bank clients need. That’s the Power of Stavvy.


Every time I've bought a home, I've hated the endless paperwork, the fragmented process. Finally, closing on a home is easy and exciting, as it should be. That’s the Power of Stavvy.

Kosta Ligris

Kosta Ligris, Cofounder

Kosta is a lifelong entrepreneur, and was the founder of the Ligris companies, a collection of professional services, real estate, and consulting companies. Under his leadership, the companies grew to become one of the largest transactional firms in Massachusetts while expanding title operations to New England, New York and Florida.  As a recovering lawyer he continues to advise startups and founders particularly in fintech and propetech verticals both as an active angel investor and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Kosta has over two decades of experience in all aspects of real estate & mortgage banking as an attorney and consultant. He jokes that he has done it all from “dirt to disposition” and everything in between, including legal services, title/settlement operations, and regulatory compliance for some of the largest real estate firms and lenders in New England and beyond.

Kosta Ligris

Josh Feinblum, Cofounder

Josh is a lifelong technologist with a focus on entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, privacy, and anti-fraud technology. Over the past fifteen years Josh has been responsible for building and leading teams tasked with tackling some of the largest fraud, abuse, and security challenges in the world at organizations ranging from small startups to large federal agencies and everything in-between. He has spent much of his career focused on financial services, healthcare, hosting providers, and cybersecurity products. In addition to his operational background, Josh continues to function as a professional advisor at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Venture Partner at F-Prime Capital, where he evaluates and advises startups across many verticals. 

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