Stavvy brings e-signatures and Video conferencing to loan servicing

Powering the paperless revolution

While digital closings have become routine, loan modifications, deferrals and forbearance agreements have been stuck in the slow, cumbersome world of pen, paper and postage. Until now. Stavvy represents the new standard for digital servicing.

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loan servicing

Transforming the loss mitigation workflow

The mortgage industry currently faces an alarming volume of loans requiring modification, forbearance or other steps to avert foreclosure. The Stavvy platform provides servicers a secure virtual space to negotiate solutions and obtain notarized signatures. Paperless, fully compliant and easy-to-use, our technology can shorten the modification process by weeks or months.

Loan origination

Optimized for real world loan origination

The Stavvy platform was designed by veteran banking, security and legal professionals to streamline and secure the loan origination process. Balancing the business necessity for speed, accuracy and usability and the strict regulatory requirements of the lending industry, our technology fosters smooth, on-schedule remote closings.

Financial transactions and legal agreements

Signed, sealed, and video recorded

Offer letters, powers of attorney, liens, affidavits, beneficiary designations. Modern life presents many circumstances requiring notarized documents. The Stavvy platform makes it easy to execute a wide variety of financial transactions and legal agreements by connecting signers and notaries online. All documents are processed digitally and signing is captured and stored on video.


Fast, accurate, secure, transparent

Stavvy seamlessly integrates remote signing and videoconferencing technologies to efficiently execute life’s most important documents: 

• Meets all relevant compliance standards with automatic video recording plus secure retention of documents and video

• Replaces insecure email with end-to-end encrypted document transfer

• Allows identity proofing via industry-standard technology

- Delivers significant improvement in workflow speed and document accuracy

Ellie Mae

Our digital mortgage solutions are available through Ellie Mae. The seamless integration allows lenders to access Stavvy’s solutions directly through the Encompass Digital Lending Platform to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process.

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